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Travel or Club Volleyball breaks down to this:  


  1. Register to try out and try out for the team.  We will be selecting 10-11 players per team.  

  2. If you are selected, you will be notified by email or an offer letter on the spot.   

  3.  Initial parent meeting where you get fitted for your uniform, meet the team and coach, discuss expectations and pay initial fees in early Nov./Dec.  

  4.  Practice officially starts in December with some preliminary practices and then starting in January, practice 2X per week with a possible skills clinic 1-2X per month.  

  5. Attend 5 to 7 one-day tournaments.  These are on a Saturday or Sunday and will last all day. Travel time will be up to 2 hours away.  There is also the possibility of 1, 2-day tournament requiring an overnight stay.  Travel costs are not included in club fees.

  6. The season is from Jan-May.  The season concludes for each team with the CHRVA(USA Volleyball) regional tournament at the end of April.  

  7. We will not know the exact dates for tournaments until January and even then some may not be known until a week or two prior.  

How does travel/club work?**

**These are the very general guidelines for the season.  You should be prepared to be flexible.  Practice could to be on any day of the week including weekends and evenings and during spring break or other school holidays.  Each team would, in general, have the same practice schedule throughout the season.  Additional tournaments could be scheduled or scrimmage matches with other local clubs are possible.   Everyone is expected to be at every practice and tournament unless sick or family emergency. 
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