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We understand that everyone is concerned about COVID-19.

Masks are required to be worn at all times by coaches and players on the sideline and during play per CHRVA. 


We as a club take this very seriously and work to go above and beyond both WV State and Federal Guidelines to insure your child's safety.  

We are the ONLY club operating in the area since June 1st completing our 2020 season along with open gyms, clinics, private lessons and fall league with ZERO instances.  


-Each player will be required to fill out a waiver to enter the gym.  

-We take the temperature of every entry into the gym daily with a contact-less thermometer.  Anything over 100.4 F(per federal guidelines) is not allowed entry.  Please take your player's temperature prior to coming.

We keep a daily log of each person including:

--their temp.

--if they have taken fever reducers,

--have any known COVID exposure, 

--if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms

-- have any pending COVID test in their household due to symptoms, not job or school entry related. 

We ask if you have any symptoms or any know exposure that you do not attend  the session.  

All balls and equipment are wiped down after each session with a solution that kills 99.9% of viruses.  Nothing is 100%, but we adhere to strictly to this.  

-Masks are provided for coaches to be worn if allowable given the activity
-We sanitizing volleyballs throughout the practice/session
-Avoid high fives and hand slaps
-Maintain social distancing when possible(fortunately courts are 30 X 30 on each side of the net meaning as many as 10 players on each side could maintain 6 feet of distance)  
-Players and coaches sanitizing their hands throughout practice.
-Have hand sanitizer on hand throughout each practice
-Wipe down door handles and clean each bathroom with bleach product before and after each practice

Additionally CHRVA/USAV are continually updating their "return to play" guidelines and we plan to adhere to any further compliance measures they require.  

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