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MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE/TRAINING-Ages 13+(7th grade and up)
Currently only for VA and MD players.
WV players are welcome if their team season is postponed or cancelled, player does not make their school team or chooses not to play school ball for any reason.  
REGISTRATION OPEN THROUGH OCT 1st(we will pro-rate each week)--You can add up to that date! 

Triton Athletic Center

53 Mcgarry Blvd, Kearneysville, WV 25430

-Evaluations are Tues., Aug. 25th from 7-8 pm and Thursday, Aug.  27th from 6-7 pm, but players can be evaluated on their first practice day also.  

-Days and Times of practices are Tues/Thursday from 6-8 pm

-League/Training will run from Sept. 1-Oct. 16th

Until we get sign-ups finalized, firm up the playing opportunities that other groups are offering and see what positions and skill levels we have, we will NOT be able to tell you exactly how our program will work.  As with everything during this COVID-ERA, it is an ever evolving and changing situation.  
Below are our thoughts on how either a league or training would run, but remind parents that  the situation is always changing.  We will always have to adhere to state and local regulations.  
What will be expected of parents and players: 
-Flexibility.  Teams could add or subtract players.  Coaches may move around.  Playing opportunities could come up at the last minute or cancelled at the last minute.  Practice Days/Times may move around.  
-Willingness to check ego and  personal opinions at the door.  We have to follow regulations.  Period. 
-Kindness, sportsmanship and 100% maximum effort. 
-We will not discuss team placement,  playing time or positional placement and we DO NOT discuss other players with parents.  Our goal is to get player as many touches on the ball as possible, not necessarily put players with their friends or put all the best players together.   If two players need to ride-share, however, this will be taken into account. 
-Parents and players are expected to be respectful at all times.   
-We will not offer refunds after you sign-up unless we have to cancel the group or are no longer able to host. 

High School League Proposed Format*

-8 players per team

-Players will be evaluated.  No cuts.

-Players may be placed on a lower or higher age group based on skill level or positional need.

-Players may move up or down in age group during the course of the league if effort, skill or positional need dictates.

-Players may add after the start of the league if their high school team is cancelled. 

-Players may be moved around due to absence, skill or positional need for the purpose of tournament play.

-League starts 8/31-10/16

-Evaluations the week of 8/24

-Practice days and times determined after sign ups. 


Player would receive:*

-Entry to our 1 4 X 4 Tournament included(all players must either be in league OR other players can pay $16.25 each to play with league player)

-T-shirt/Jersey for playing

-7 weeks

-14, 2 hour practices/28 hours

-3-6 scrimmage/playing/tournament opportunities

-Access to Private Lessons

High School Training Proposed Format*

-7 weeks

-14, 2 hour practices/28 hours of training

-Positional training

-Volleyball IQ training

-Serving training

-Offensive/Defensive strategy training

-College recruiting workshops

-Scrimmage/in-house tournament opportunities

-Access to Private Lessons

-Entry to our 1 4 X 4 Tournament included(all players must either be in league OR other players can pay $16.25 each to play with league player)

*Always subject to change 


NO REFUNDS unless the group is cancelled for some reason.  If regulations or force major cause the group to be cut short early, pro-rated refunds will be given. 

If you have a current CHRVA number enter it.  It is good through October 31, 2020.  If you need one, register here:

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE, you cannot register till Sept. 1st because they changed their system.  Just put TBD, for now, but you will need one to start!  

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