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When you are comparing costs, make sure to consider how many tournament days you are getting.  

Club Volleyball Fees*  

11U/12U--$1500- Practices: 2 times/week. At least 8 Tournament Days: 6 single-day, 1 2-day tournament, and any home tournaments we host!
National Teams:
13U-18U $
3,000-  Practices 3 times/week. Includes certified strength/conditioning/nutritionist
At least 20 to
urnament days: AAU NATIONALS club costs ARE INCLUDED! 3 USAV -3 day, 3 AAU 2-day, 1 regional tournament, also any home tournaments we host! (Travel to and from tournaments/ hotels are not included). **13U-18U also include the cost of HUDL+ Assist Stat Programming, highlight maker and recruitment tool. 
Club Teams:

13U - 18U $2000 - Practices - 2 times/week. At least 13 tournament days! 1 USAV tournament 3-day tournament, 2 2-day AAU tournaments, 3-4 regional tournament and any home tournaments we host! (Travel to and from tournaments / hotel fees are not included).


*All teams are based on a 10-person roster. 

*Fees will cover coaching, practice space, 17-19 weeks of practice, scrimmages and position specific training, warm up jersey, & one new jersey we are adding this year, tournament fees (excluding USAV Nationals if a bid is won) and all other club overhead costs. These fees do not include player hotel costs or flights. 

*Fees will cover Coaching, practice space 15-17 weeks of practice, scrimmages, warm up jersey, insurance coverage, tournament fees (excluding nationals) and all other overhead club costs. These fees do not include player hotel costs.

*Each player is required to sell 20 raffle tickets @ 10.00/ ticket. This raffle will result in a 1000.00 winner and 2- 500.00 winners!

*Players will need to purchase the other 2 jerseys and a backpack at a cost of $165 for 1 long-sleeve ,1 short-sleeved and the UA or similar brand that can be reused if they still fit and are in good shape as long as the design remains the same.  

**15U-18U also include the cost of HUDL+ Assist Stat Programming, highlight maker and recruitment tool. 

Nationals are optional and will be determined by each team. For National Teams the fees, excluding hotel and travel are included for AAU Nationals in Orlando. Club teams can choose to go, but we always plan to earn a bid at each qualifier!

We will accept credit cards for your convenience(3% fee) or allow for the payment plan below:

Fees Schedule:
PAYMENT in FULL will allow you to collect only 10 raffle tickets.
All checks must be collected and post-dated for the appropriate amount of fees.
Parent Meeting TBD 2nd week/weekend of Nov Payment #1: 500.00 + first of 4 payments
Payment #2 - 1/15
Payment #3 - 2/15
Payment #4 - 3/15

***If you have a specific financial situation, we will def. try and work with you.  Please do not hesitate to ask.    


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