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Philosophy, Goals and Playing Time


While winning is important, winning at life is the ultimate goal.  We want players to become leaders and competitors on and off the court.    We will push players to achieve what they never thought possible.  Through competitive volleyball, playing against some of the best players and coaches in the nation, our players will experience first hand what it takes to succeed.  With college recruiters on the sidelines and world class athletes across the net, SURGE players will grown their game exponentially!  


"Club Volleyball is the dominant vehicle in the collegiate recruiting process - Club is also the best avenue towards improving your skill sets because of their training and competition set up.  If you never made high school volleyball but put together a solid 4 years of club, then you would still be in a position to achieve your collegiate goals."  Coach Matt Sonnichsen,

With the growing popularity of volleyball for both girls and boys, our overall goal is to offer a different experience for local volleyball players.  One that will provide the following:


  • Through team fundraising and sponsorships, our hope is to provide an affordable opportunity to players who otherwise may not have the opportunity to play competitive volleyball.

  • To offer boys the opportunity to play.  Initially mixed with girls and in the future all girls, all boys and mixed teams.

  • To offer more competitive playing opportunities in the Eastern Panhandle  of WV.  

  • While focusing on being competitive, strive to get everyone into the game.  While some clubs may stress that you learn everything in practice, learning to play under the pressure of competition is how you truly grow your game.  


Playing Time

Players will need to view as each practice and each set at tournaments as a tryout for playing time.  We want to encourage players with this philosophy to always try their hardest at every practice and tournament, not just at tryouts to make the team. And also encourage them to speak to their coach about how to improve to contribute more to the team.    Missing practice or tournaments for other sports or after school activities could directly affect playing time.  While the amount of playing time is not guaranteed, each player will play.  Maybe not in every set or match, but our goal is  to get each player in at some point at each tournament.  


If a player has concerns over playing time, they are to approach the coach to find out what they can work on at home to contribute more to the team.  Putting in an extra 30 minutes at home 2X per week can make a huge difference!  All players should do more at home!

Coaches WILL NOT be speaking with parents about playing time.  Coaches will communicate to each player what they need to work and and players are encouraged to seek more specific information from their coaches. If parents want to know what the player needs to do to play more, they will get this information from their player.  

While we know this is a tough subject, HERE is a great article for parents and players.  

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