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Coaches will be looking for several things at tryouts and some of them will have nothing to do with volleyball. We want everyone to have a positive experience since we are all in this together.  In addition to the basic skills of passing, setting, hitting and serving, we will also be keeping a keen eye out for the following:

Are you on time?  Being on time is a key element to life and it will start with tryouts.  All players will be expected to be on time (early is better) for all practices, team events and tournaments.  

Attitude:  We want positive team players.

Is the player coachable?:  Is the player willing to listen and take direction from the coaches?

Sportsmanship:  Is the player congratulating others for good plays and supportive when errors happen?  

Hustle:   Is the player hustling for every ball and not getting it--that is ok!  Always hustle!

Below you will find 3 videos that focus on the basics of passing, setting and serving.  I would highly encourage you to review these videos and practice with your player. Click on each picture to go to the video.   

We find you don't have to talk too much.  Show them the skills and then toss them lots of balls.  They will work out for themselves what adjustments need to be made.  Constant talking and coaching disrupts their thought process.  "The Game Teaches the Game.” is a mantra of USA Volleyball, so many reps help a lot!

Preparing for Tryouts


Passing is a cornerstone to volleyball.  Make sure to square up and use little to no arm swing!


Setting is how you set up for the hit.  It is essential in placing the ball just right for the hitter to hit!


Having  a great serve is essential.  Missing the serve  gives the opposition the point with no effort.

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