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In order to try out you must do the following:


  1. Register to try out with our club and pay the tryout fee.  If you plan to tryout for multiple age groups, you must register and pay for both unless they are being held at the same time.

  2. You must be a member of CHRVA(Chesapeake Regional Volleyball Association).  You may purchase the full membership or choose to purchase the one-event membership for tryouts and upgrade to the full membership once you are selected for a team.  Click HERE to register.**  

  3.  Must bring copy of your CHRVA membership card with you.  You can print your membership  card on the first day of your tryout membership.  Nov. 2nd for 11U, 12U and 13U and Nov. 9th for 14U, 15U and 16U.  

  4.  Must bring USA Volleyball medical form filled out.  Click HERE to print form.



--A parent completes a temporary (“one event”) registration for the player for the dates of the TRYOUT. After accepting an offer from a Club, the full membership will need to be completed. The funds already received will be credited.

-- Leave the Club designation as “Undecided” until an offer is received and accepted. Many players attend tryouts at multiple clubs and changing the club designation is an administrative headache for parents.

--Take a printout of the temporary registration card to tryouts(available to print at the start of the open period). The clubs/teams can’t allow players on the court that haven’t received an USAV registration.

**It is our understanding that if you purchase the full membership and are not selected for a team, a portion of you fee will be refunded.  It is best to double check this though.  



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