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Tryout FAQs

How will tryouts work?

Upon arrival, you will check in and supply the required CHRVA membership card and insurance form and also be asked to sign a liability waiver.   You will then be assigned a number and broken down by age groups.  No parents are allowed in the lobby or gym due to COVID.  Players will have their temps. taken, asked a series of questions and asked to wash their hands and apply hand sanitizer. 

Will I be able to watch tryouts?

No.  Due to COVID, regulations require as few people in the building as possible. 

Do I have to have a CHRVA Membership?

Yes.  We cannot allow you to tryout without it.  The CHRVA website and process can be quite tricky to figure out so please do not wait until the day of tryouts to do this.  We are glad to help walk anyone through the process.  Please check with us at open gym if you need help or email us at

Get your membership here for your PLAYER, not yourself:

It will direct you to make a Sportsengine account for the ADULT, then purchase the membership for the PLAYER under the ADULT's account. 

My age group is 13U, but I want to tryout for 14U as well.  How will that work?

Players need to register for and try out for their age group and then be asked to move up. If you are adamant that you would like your player to tryout for an older group, please speak to a coach at open gym.  

When will I know if I will be offered a spot?

Depending on turnout, you may be given a letter at the end of tryouts or you will receive an email within hours or up to the end of the open period.   Please do not take it as a sign that you did not make the team if you have not heard from us immediately.  We are holding a regular tryout date and call backs and will need time to evaluate the best fit for the teams.

I want to play for SURGE, but was not given an initial offer and asked to come to call backs.  What should I do if given an offer by another club?

You have 72 hours to accept any offer.  If you have an offer that will expire prior to a call back or tryout, contact the club who offered you the spot AND the club who asked you to attend call backs to see what your options are. 

When  should I notify the club if we accept or decline and offer?

We understand that everyone has their favorite that they are hoping for, but it is always best to try out for at least 2 clubs.  If you get an offer from your #1 choice, you should let other clubs know right away so that they may fill their teams and accept the offer from our #1 choice.  It really is unfair to everyone, including yourself in the long run to hold onto an offer too long or collect multiple offers.   

Proper and professional club etiquette is to let the club know as soon as possible either way.  This will allow them to notify other players if they have a spot or not and can reach out to other players.    If you hold onto a spot too long it may put clubs in the position of making additional offers to cover all positions and you playing on a larger team and competing with more players for playing time.  While we want players to make the best decision for themselves, coaches have to fill teams for the players that accept offers.  

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